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Ankara Private Daily Tours

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Today's Ankara has many settlements in and around the city boundaries dating back to prehistoric times. During the Hittite period (B.C. 750 - 500), it is clear that the city and the region witnessed small settlements. However, the structures of this period have not been encountered anywhere. It is understood that the first settlements, which can be considered important, are in the Phrygian period. Many tomb mounds belong to this period. After the Phrygians (3rd century BC), Ankara was ruled by Galatians. In this period "Men and Cybele" were the main gods of the city. In BC 25, Augustus took Galata under Roman rule. Ankara has passed into the hands of the Seljuk Turks in 1147 and became the capital of the Republic of Turkey since 1923.

Temple of Ankara

Sixteen months before his death, Augustus presented four documents to the nuns of Vesta. One of these is his special request and will. The other was telling about his actions about the funeral, the third about the military and financial resources of the empire, and the fourth describing the work he had done while he lived.  

Roman Baths

The well-preserved Roman baths from the Caracalla (211-217 BC) period are located on the foothill of the Ankara castle below the Temple of Augustus. 

Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum

This museum was a covered bazaar that was built  in 15th century by Mahmut Pasha one of the grand vizier of Fatih the conqueror. Majority of the works in Turkey which are belong to prehistoric, Hatti, Hittite, Phrygian,Urartu and Roman  cultures are exhibited in this museum. 

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Ankara City Tour (Half Day)
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Ankara City Tour (half Day)
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Hattusas Tour from Ankara (Full day)
11 hours
Hattusas Tour From Ankara (full Day)